vanguard electric radiator

Ultra Modern Aluminium Radiators

Vanguard electric radiators are designed to look sleek and modern and are commonly used to replace old storage heaters. The aluminium design allows for rapid heat up and the ceramic core does a great job of storing generated heat. They come with a digital thermostat that can be controlled independently and also programmed to heat at certain times.


5  year guarantee

100% energy efficient

Open window sensors

energy consumption monitor

Ceramic core retains heat once switched off

Wifi enabled Vanguard heaters

The Vanguard+ is the upgraded model of the vanguard, allowing for wifi and app compatibility these are exceptionally popular with people wanting to use their smartphone to turn their heating on just before they arrive home.

5-year guarantee

100% energy efficient

open window sensing

Ceramic core retains heat once switched off

Wet Electric Heaters

The digiline electric heater produced by electrorad is slightly different than the other models they produce as the digiline heaters are fluid filled whereas the rest of the electric heaters heat a ceramic core. These are a great mid range model and come with a 10 year guarantee

10 year guarantee

100% energy efficient

4 zone programmable

heat a room within 0.1 degree

AeroFlow luxury German radiators

Aeroflow electric radiators are made from the best possible materials to provide a luxury electric heating experience.  They are available either wall-mounted or free standing. They have wifi compatibility and can be controlled via an easy to use app.


30 year guarantee

100% energy efficient

No need to charge to heat

Ceramic core retains heat once switched off

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