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Electrorad Digi-line 4 Zone Wireless RF Programmer

  • Programming up to 4 separate zones
  • No need for wiring
  • Battery Powered
  • Control radiators from one device
  • Digi line wireless programmer

The key to energy efficiency and economy in a heating system is controllability and the Digi-line RF control system gives you complete and accurate control.

The optional central RF programmer is battery powered and uses radio frequency signals to communicate with Digi-line electric radiators, so no wiring is required. It can be wall mounted or can free stand. All Digi-line electric radiators can have different temperature settings, and every zone can have different operating times. The central programmer is capable of separately programming up to 4 separate zones.

Programmer features

  • Each radiator has its own integral room thermostat, accurate to +/- 0.1°.
  • Each thermostat has a radio frequency receiver built in to allow for central programming from our 4-zone central programming unit
  • The central programmer gives complete control over the full system without any need for wiring
  • The programmer can be wall mounted or can sit on a desk or table
  • The programmer is lockable in case you don't want the programs to be tampered with
  • The comfort and economy temperature parameters are set on each radiator and the property is then split in to 4 zones (or less)
  • Each room can have exactly the operating times and temperatures you want, ensuring ultimate comfort and economy
  • An unlimited number of radiators can be controlled from the central programmer (Range allowing Maximum range 30 metres)

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