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Digi-line radiators are 100% designed and manufactured in Britain.

Yes, exactly the same. The type of heat produced is also exactly the same, you wouldn't know any difference.

Yes they have a built in 7 day / 24hr programming system.

Yes they are 100% efficient at converting electricity in to heat. There are no losses like with a Gas boiler.

This will depend on your insulation, windows etc ( heat loss ) and also the thermostat setting and electricity tariff. The thermostats will ensure that only the heat lost from the room will be replaced.

The radiator body is steel, just like a regular central heating radiator. The radiator body is powder coated in RAL 9016.

They can be used with economy 7 but we don't recommend it. Because the radiators are direct acting and give greater control and comfort, they need to use electricity when required. On Economy 7 the electricity is cheaper overnight but typically more expensive at other times.