Electrorad Vanguard electric radiators are made from aluminium and are designed for both energy efficiency and their sleek aesthetic looks, the aluminium used in their construction means they are very light and provide rapid times to heat up. They are finished with a powder coating which makes them incredibly durable and means they won’t ever need to be painted.

The aluminium bodies have been expertly engineered for efficiency, these radiators provide heat cleverly in two different forms, heat is transferred from the ceramic core to the surface which creates nice radiant heat, secondly, the air is drawn from the floor and filtered through special vents and released at the top creating heat through convection. The element within the core is sealed away meaning there will never be any unpleasant fumes from the element burning dust etc

Energy saving features include open window sensing, adaptive start learning function, surface temperature control and energy use monitor. European legislation Lot 20 compliant. Wall brackets are provided. Vanguard radiators can be plugged in or connected to a fused spur.

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The body is made from lightweight aluminium whilst the core is made from ceramic heat plates, and the electrical components use premium parts

Yes, they have built in 24/7 - 7 day programmability. Each radiator comes with its own digital thermostat and is available to be programmed independently of your other heaters giving a fantastic amount of control. Save money by only using what you need without any need to charge them overnight.

They are manufactured in Spain.

This is hard to forecast as it will depend on a number of factors: how well your property is insulated. Are there any gaps or drafts? How many radiators you have switched on and how long they are running for.

Yes they are 100% energy efficient, there is no energy loss when generating heat. They heat up fast and only need switched on when needed which adds a great deal of flexibility compared to older systems

They can be used with economy 7 but we don't recommend it. Because the radiators are direct acting and give greater control and comfort, they need to use electricity when required. On Economy 7 the electricity is cheaper overnight but typically more expensive at other times.